Blog stopped

I have stopped posting on this blog,, I might start it again later when I have new motivation to make posts,, but at this point in time I don’t have that much motivation for making posts.

The lockdown made it so that all real Ingress events stopped, therefore I had nothing to post about,, and now,, I don’t have the motivation anymore.

Maybe I’ll post again in the future, but until then. Have fun and good luck Ingressing

New item: Kinetic Capsule added to Ingress

Niantic just added a new item called “Kinetic Capsule” to Ingress. It gives you the ability to make very rare items by walking, using items and using XM. Adventure sync is not yet added with this update. So you still have to have the scanner open while moving.

At this point in time there are four items we that can be crafted with the Kinetic Capsule, they are listed below.

  • 1 Very Rare Portal Shield: 3 Rare Shield; 3 L4 XMP (or higher); 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 Very Rare Heat Sink: 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 Very Rare Multi-Hack: 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 SoftBank Ultra Link: 3 Rare Link Amp; 3 L4 XMP (or higher); 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)

You can now get a free Kinetic Capsule and starter pack in the shop. So go grab it 😉

I will definitely use the Kinetic Capsule to make Softbank Ultra Links, but for the rest, I don’t see me using it that often. It would be fun if we could have more than one Kinetic Capsule so we could make a lot of items (and clear our inventories a bit). I just hope that Niantic is not going to try to make us buy them, or at least also give us a way to get them without paying (if we are going to get the ability to have more then one Kinetic Capsule).

But overall I think its a fun new feature to play with and try out.

Source :

A picture of the Kinetic Capsule
The Kinetic Capsule

New feature added to Ingress called Dronenet

On june 6 a new feature got added to Ingress called Dronenet.

You can fly your drone to portals, once placed on a portal you can’t move it again until the 60 minute countdown has finished. You can hack the portal your drone is on once and you can only hack a portal again once you have moved the drone to another portal. If the portal where your drone is placed on changes alignment (destroyed, captured or flipped) it will be called back to your agent.

There are some new statistics that got added for the drone: Unique Portals Drone Visited, Furthest Drone Flight Distance and Drone Hacks.

When hacking with the drone the hack will count towards your sojourner badge. But won’t give you keys nor can you use it for finishing missions or hacking a portal for an event.

After having flown 10 Km and having 60 unique drone hacks, I like it a bit. The Drone makes it so i can still do some things while being at home. But I feel like there could be some changes.

I miss the fact you can’t recharge the portal your drone is on. If that would be added I could see the use of the drone a lot more.
The furthest Drone Flight Distance statistic is also not very accurate. When I am at a portal at for example 9.4 Km my the stat still has 8 as the furthest. So it would be nice if Niantic could fix that.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think of Dronenet and what you would like to see changed. I would like to know.

How to deploy the Drone:

Artwork of the drone that cot added to Ingress.
This is the drone you fly around the world. Or at least some nice art of it.

Covid-19 and Ingress

I am sure you already knew this but because of Covid-19, Ingress and Pokémon go have special things that happen. For what is happening in Pokémon go you have to go somewhere else, I will only discuss Ingress. The thing below are the “benefits” we get.

  • For the Sojourner medal, a Portal recharge counts as a Portal hack. Going forward, Agents can hack or recharge a Portal in consecutive 24-hour periods for daily credit towards the Sojourner medal.
  • High-level Agents can deploy two Level 7 and two Level 8 Resonators per Portal.
  • Portal cool down reduced to 90 seconds.
  • Portal hacks before burnout increased to 16 hacks.


It’s nice that for that we can hack more, although my inventory is entirely filled so I don’t really find it really that useful. The fact that we can place 2 L8 an 2 L7 resonators I very useful because my home portal is now L7 because of it. Like the 16 hacks is the reduced cool down nice but I don’t need it.

Let me know you thoughts in the comments.

Mission day Lille

The mission day in Lille has ended for me, it was a lot of walking and I am tired now. But I have walked 12 beautiful missions through Lille. In the hotel I stayed where some Enlightened who play in my home area so that was a funny consequence. I have walked 12 km today and 32,5 km this weekend. Time for me to go lay in bed after this exhausting day. You can read about the Hexathlon of yesterday here ->

The missions I've walked.
The missions.
Prime didn't work sometimes.
Prime didn’t work sometimes.